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by: Roman Newell

“I love the ocean because it’s never a disappointment. The Oregon coast never ceases to be lonely; it mirrors my soul. I am at peace there, sharing in the waves’ passion for solitude. The waves and I hold malevolence in common—break of the surf—unrest. Unrest is always bringing my only calm, and this mutual enterprise, between  myself and unrest, parlays my anxiety into peace. There are other beaches upon others coasts in warmer climates, but they do not speak to me; they do not resusitate me. I feel the cold wind and frigid waters; I see the dreary cliffs and blank expressions up on the horizon. Lighthouses make bleak attempts to lead ships across raging waters, o’er rifts that throw and spurn, through waves that caress abject currents, and they are faithfully anchored. I am never so flighty and when I can—when I am completely alone in the dark of night and all I can hear is the wash of the water surging and pulling, straining forward, aided by the pulling omnipresence of the moon, I strip down to my bare ass and the wind wraps its slender body around mine. I feel the pebbles underfoot and wade near the water’s edge where the water creeps against the night when the tide is in—I plod after the tide and it lures me sneakily away from the cliffs, as if to expose me before the houses bereft atop their craggy perches, under the more of the full moon.”
by: Roman Newell

Enter the mind, emotions and experiences of a boy on a confounding journey toward manhood. It seems like a simple process, but life proves that the metamorphosis from infancy to adulthood is far more complicated than any of us care to acknowledge.


open, honest and raw.
~ Amazon Review

Follow Roman as he takes you through the jungle of obstacles he encounters: parents, drugs, alcohol, poor decisions and most dangerous of all—the struggle within himself. This is a book written with brutal sincerity about common life issues that are at present, all too often regarded as normal. The author explores how this worldly belief is a pitfall, and how the very similar repression of his own painful beginnings led to a burgeoning malaise in his later years. As you read you will finally come to the understanding that this is less a story about the author than it is a story about all of us.

Graphic & Video Composition:
by: Darlene Carroll

Graphic work can not be accomplished without the incredible resources made available to this Author and his team.
THANK YOU to the following artists for the gift of their artistry and generosity in sharing their beautiful artwork, photography, and fonts.

Background Imagery:
o. Maret Hosemann — Pixabay
o. Enrique ELG21 — Pixabay
o. Enrique Meseguer — Pixabay
o. Mohamed Hassan – Pixabay
o. Karsten Bergmann — Pixabay
o. Sean Johnson — Pexels
o. Venrique Hoyos — Pexels
o. Bellergy RC — Pixabay
o. David Fesliyan — (music: Haunted Memories)

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  1. Roman… Thank you for this beautiful reading. Time has no meaning, I will note, it was pretty darn cool having you voice aloud your written content again. Yes, finally!! I encourage more of this reading out loud your writing and thoughts material. Thank you for trusting me with your words to how I envision them inside the more visual mediums. This was a more differing challenge than your poetry. Good learning curve.

    What I love about the video footage [incredible crashing against shore, rocky inclines and whirlpools] it captures well that essence:
    1. standing countenance of strength’s resilience and solitude (lighthouse)
    2. the ocean’s surface, a person’s entirety and being [what some would only observe at surface level, it’s turbulence]. So much more that resides beneath the churning surface, capacious depths.

    you said it well… “ocean is never a disappointment”. It is the definitive quality of unwavering. No pun intended… I don’t believe? Maybe… haha

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