Sometimes writing is…

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Sometimes writing is more about what you delete 
and how many times you delete it

than it is about what you write,

sometimes it’s more important to honestly recognize that something is missing,
especially when you cannot ascertain what it is,
sometimes it’s more important to know: 
what does not make skyscrapers lean,
what does not make the sun spit on the pavement,
what does not make a grandfather awake in the morning and walk the dirt road with his

sometimes it’s more about knowing that they deserve better,
that you deserve better,

that writing is a form of holding the party tent upright at the reunion,
that writing is a form of lighting a kerosene lamp,
that writing is a spyglass scouting landfall,
that writing is a vacuum eating dust bunnies and mites,
that writing is a water purifier, 

we must steer ourselves from being iodine poured into springs,
we must save the libraries from rocks that do not splash loudly in water,

we must take more lessons from doctors, 
where this rule is preeminent: 
do no harm.

by: Roman Newell

where this rule is preeminent: do no harm.”
by: Roman Newell

Graphic Compositions
by: Darlene Carroll

Graphic work can not be accomplished without the incredible resources made available to this Author and his team. THANK YOU to the following artists for the gift of their artistry and generosity in sharing their beautiful artwork, photography, and fonts.

Background Imagery
o. Maret Hosemann — Pixabay
o. 愚木混株 Cdd20 — Pixabay
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o. Moshe Harsh — Pixabay

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