The Walls We Put Up In The Night

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Author:  Roman Newell



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The compelling artistry of poetry is to invite the reader on a journey of connection and thoughtful consideration, where they are afforded transparency into a poet’s experiences and mindset. Let the poetry contained within THE WALLS WE PUT UP IN THE NIGHT move and challenge your own life experiences—”

A collection of poetry written day by day, next to trash cans, in driveways, with whiskey, smoking cigars, while making love and giving and stealing—the way we live.


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December 20, 2013





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1 review for The Walls We Put Up In The Night

  1. Darlene Carroll

    Sometimes you come across an author’s written work that leaves you feeling divided and torn, yet challenged by the words written within the confines of it’s pages to delve deep inside ones own experiences. THE WALLS WE PUT UP IN THE NIGHT is one such book.

    It’s no ordinary story— it’s a comprehensive collection of poetic thoughts and free verse. Certainly not all poetic love notes or flowery, romantic prose is found. If you look between, depending on your perspective, glimpses slip through. They are poems that are frank, often heart breaking; the raw musings of a poet’s personal experiences— uncompromising in their depth of honesty and delivery.

    Each poem, descriptive in worded imagery, the poet’s unique observation of lifes experience and human behaviour. Each poem gave me differing thoughts, feelings to process and digest. For the most part many of the poems, held notable lines that held a connection and vulnerability for me. I would find myself reflecting on long ago memories. Some painful/sad, others joyful and some totally random that produced moments, that had me giggling out loud.

    Will every poem strike a chord of emotion or thoughtful reaction? Probably not. 

Much like any book, I definitely want the author to evoke emotion and connection, that’s an incredible story to read. I feel with poetry, you are stepping up to an entirely different level of reading— a subjective interpretation of someone’s experiences— through their thoughts, their voice. An inner glimpse into the window of their mindset and soul.

    With poetry, the feeling it evokes need to be just as important as the words written. You want the feeling and words to mean something for you, to connect with what the author is trying to convey. To possibly take away a lesson if needed. A thought that makes you think out loud of your own experiences inside a memory or simply having empathy for another’s journey. Those poems are the words that resonate. A poet that can draw this connection out of its reader… is to be complimented.

    I don’t believe the words I leave here adequately express the enormity of all the thoughts and emotions this book managed to convey. Depending on how you connect to each poem will hold different perspectives and meanings for each person that reads. They most certainly are poems that are thought provoking and highly emotive. They offer an authentic glimpse, a level of intimacy into this poet’s mindset, feelings and observations, his life’s journey. To some degree we have all lived, breathed and will relate to the beautiful, often complicated, broken mess we call life.

    THE WALLS WE PUT UP IN THE NIGHT… I found myself pondering…
    Are they walls we build, there to protect our emotional well being? 

    Are they walls waiting to be obliterated, if one takes the time to care?

    Would I recommend. DEFINITELY!!
    We all should find some moments of solitude, that quiet introspection to read poetry. It has much to offer readers.

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