how much aspirin to die

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Author:  Roman Newell



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“gut-punching, slams you against the wall, in-depth poetry— excruciating, emotional detail.  FORMIDABLE!!”

how much aspirin to die takes you through the three days leading up to the author’s attempt on his own life. A work of bluntness and candor that is both heavy and revealing, HMATD is both a story of succumb and victory, a close examination of the power of thoughts and the lasting effects of trauma. This work of poetry incorporates embattled conversation with the author’s own psyche and culminates in a multi-part poem that takes the reader into the author’s mind during his devastation. This collection of poetry forces the reader to stare the writer in the eyes during his greatest moments of dark and alone. 


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Death, Grief and Loss, Free Verse, Mental Health and Suicide Awareness

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July 18, 2020





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80 pages

1 review for how much aspirin to die

  1. Darlene Carroll

    While reading this collection my mind delved into the chemical components that make up aspirin. Individually, the Hydrogen, Oxygen and Carbon, are also essential pieces for human life. It forms the fabric of our breath. In high doses— those same components cause all manner of trauma, illness, and tragedy. Such stark contrast of emotion, life and death, when one is on edge’s precipice.

Tumultous! Messy! Dark! HMATD is an incredibly tough and emotional poetic read.

    No-one can ever completely walk in the footsteps of another, especially the mind of another’s complicated inner struggle. This poetic account, shared by Roman, is the closest one can literally see and feel his anguish, the complex emotions, his author’s mind, the voices tugging, persuading, and the consequence of actions taken that near ends in tragedy. 

    You enter into the moments (in a multi part poetic collection) of a mind fuelled not only with chemicals but more so despair, alone at the edge of oblivion. 

Your breath will be stolen by the incredibly detailed words, the imagery evoked and the complex poetic arrangement.
“how much aspirin to die” — will be your journey with Roman. It’s going to make you feel a gamut of emotions… empathy, sadness, anger, rage at the inner demons that taunt and leave one shattered and struggling. You feel helpless. You want to reach in and urge this author to fight hard and not succumb, when giving up is so tempting. The mind is a mighty foe and force to be reckoned with. You feel shattered and heartbroken at choices made…you have to walk away for moments at a time to take a breath of air to rebalance your own emotions. 

    “how much aspirin to die”, delivers you this gut-punching, slams you against the wall, in-depth poetry in excruciating detail. Roman Newell will literally hold you captive till the very last line, as you are plunged deep inside the mind of this author’s internal battle, where the inner demons show up and come out to play, when one feels most alone. They do not play by any rules.

For any reader, this book contains content that is disturbing and dark — always take care when reading. Read with an open mind and gain awareness, sit with empathy and caring compassion for those facing battles we may not fully comprehend.

    To those with empathetic and compassionate hearts – they stand in front of you protecting. Beside you, willing you to fight and behind you encouraging you during the battles faced. Like the little boy – both past, present and future – are the guiding lights and strength through stormy struggles and battles faced head on. A beautiful (there are moments inside the words), complex poetic trauma. 

Thank you Roman for sharing and recounting these awful days in your life. For giving readers opportunity to connect and become aware, gaining new perspectives. Thank you for beating death, cracking open what hurts— sharing with readers the gift of more poetry and stories to come.

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