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Author:  Roman Newell



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                                       THEY’RE COMING.   RUN.

Step inside BLACKED.
This poetry collection is incredibly powerful, haunting, and mysterious. It bids the reader entrance into the well crafted poetry contained within.

comprises Roman’s first conceptual poetry collection. It is thematically designed in a series of four sectional sequences that follow a young, native, boy on his journey. The entire collection is written as a narrative poem with each of the 38 poems written as an account of the central character’s journey. The journey is physical in form, but spiritual in nature, and the adventure incorporates elements of the boy’s geographical progress with Swahili and Arabic language elements. You’ll note that the four sections are written in Swahili, translated to city, desert, savanna, and jungle. As the boy moves through the sequences of the tale he undergoes a recombinant transformation of essence and spirit, ultimately descending into a jungle of darkness which casts a physical manifestation of the torment and internal travesty he holds within.

With a slew of nods to classic literary works, from The Iliad’s Odyssey to Catch-22, this work is the most dense and thoughtful project Roman has undertaken to this point. The authentic motifs in language and culture create an immersive experience that takes you inside the boy’s spiritual and psychological metamorphosis, joining the reader with the young boy on his pilgrimage.

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1 review for Blacked

  1. Darlene Carroll

    The unknown journey that we face is risk and gamble. Its path twisting, an uncoiling of fabric’s structure in life steps forward. Steps, a meandering of firsts, of slow discovery, enthusiasm. Oft times, full out momentum outracing what we have caged within, unruly commands of thoughts slipped over deeds.

    What happens, when a poet pushes against restrictions and boundaries? 
    To risk it all, to set no limits? DARE TO DREAM?

    BLACKED is what happens.

    Roman Newell has accomplished much inside BLACKED.

    BLACKED starts you at the beginning of a scene, as if the poetry was gifted into the hands of a scriptwriter to wield magic. You are instantaneously set on your own spiritual | vision quest, alongside the boy, his author’s youth. BLACKED takes you through a myriad of twists and turns until its conclusion - its end of scene.

    Embark on this poetic journey, as you, to outrace the darkness contained within. A spiralling through one’s hellish nightmares, stumbling blocks that threaten to tempt and prevail. BLACKED sweeps you up in a metaphorical visual feast, through the lens of this young native boy, struggling to find his belonging, his sense of purpose all the while venturing through personal trials and tribulations. His spiritual awakening, to make peace, searching for the dovetail inside his fabric of life. 

    “I write to discover, I write to uncover. I write to meet my ghosts. I write to begin dialogue” 
    ~ Terry Tempest Williams

    Like Williams’ quotation, Roman Newell has gifted readers, a dark undressing of self through personal expose. An impeccably crafted poetic narrative with BLACKED. It’s engaging; a dark suspense of intensity that uncovers and unravels. Words that splinter, to cut with fine precision to the very heart of one’s internal/external struggle. Real, yet more often, the metaphoric words/imagery evoke an abstract, surrealistic experience, soaking you in a minefield of emotional turmoil, that leaves you wondering if there is enough left inside to protect innocence against the insidious struggles that lurk deep.

    Can they be conquered?

    BLACKED moves you from one extreme to another, across the real/surreal structures of internal/external, cultural locales, displacement of past and present and future— where age, time, and location is not finite. This authors words are woven in a rich, visual imagery and compelling word play. The words hum across inked pages to a chanted drumbeat to the end. It’s alive and fluid, much like blood flowing through veins…
    “a vessel that sweeps across life’s canvas” creating mood and tone as each scene is reached and traversed.

    Poem: XVII
    “and we are on hands and knees encouraging embers to become flame holding tinder like a runaway child,”
    ~ Roman Newell

    BLACKED will not be an easy read, especially for those unfamiliar with Roman’s dark poetry. Its mood is sombre and heavy for the most part. BLACKED is not meant to be easy. It’s going to require your utmost attention to its detailed nuances. Continually digesting each poem in its entirety to reveal its underlying message and light, through considered thoughtfulness.

    Poetry that evokes and provokes you to pause and consider. Poetry that will make the heart feel weary, your mind weighted in despair until sorrow is cleansed and you find warmth and rest. To recognise within the darkness, the need to protect with all you have, that inner glimpse of innocence, determination, and perseverance - you own welfare. To continue finding hope, light, and home. When your hope is just a spark, blow gentle the embers, ignite the flame, nurture the burn. Not too engulf but to wrap yourself in its comforting warmth and peacefulness. Hearts soul journey home. Sanctuary.

    “Sanctuary, bring me sanctuary, bring me rest, one more step, pace the legs, another, another…” 
    ~ Roman Newell

    Authoritative! This is Roman Newell’s definitive mark on contemporary poetry. Visually and stylistically engaging with lush description, textual detail, and flow. A recommended read, that not only leaves you questioning your own path through life it will be poetry that engages people in healthy discourse on subjects that can be deemed taboo and controversial. This young boys journey has much insight and lessons to be obtained. It’s not just the boys journey, nor its authors journey… BLACKED is to be YOUR journey. Take your time, thoroughly immerse yourself inside the words. Absorb them, seeking your own clarity and purpose through the lens of a young native boy, his author.

    Roman Newell… thank you for gifting your poetry to the world. Your poetry contained within BLACKED, will engage people collectively in discourse and to dare to discover. Maybe, even a worthy challenge of debate. Never stop exploring, nor pushing boundaries with all that is yet to unfold with your poetry and story writing.

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