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What is your story of personal triumph and inspiration?

I have, on certain occasions, been accused of a rather dire and depressing catalogue of writing. But I have always considered myself an optimist. I think things get lost in translation because my ideas of optimism have always been rooted in a profound understanding of reality. That is, I’m realistically optimistic. I really don’t see any other way to be an optimist—at least a productive one. I happen to believe that the starting point for all optimism is a firm understanding of the present situation. Maybe it’s that idea that brings me back to the sludge. How do you keep moving forward and keep hoping when the water is up to your neck?

That’s my fascination. Maybe it’s because I’ve found the water up to my neck on a few occasions. Maybe it’s because I believe in the power of the human spirit. Every tale I write about tragedy, every anecdotal poem about hardship, is also about coming out the other side. 

In honor of that idea, I would like you to share a story to be posted in a coming newsletter. A personal story of triumph. Whatever it is, it should be a true story, but it doesn’t have to be your own (although our personal stories usually carry more impact). This should be something to encourage and inspire. It doesn’t have to be “big.” Most grand things in life are born of a series of small consistencies. It just need be positive, teeming with resilience and human spirit. We strengthen one another through the sharing of life and the sharing of hope.


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