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I DON’T LIKE ANYTHING I WRITE. Okay, that’s a small exaggeration but not by much. When it comes to poetry I usually like what I’ve produced for about a day before I can’t stand it. Sometimes it’s minutes.  When it comes to prose I’ll like parts of a chapter and absolutely loathe other portions of the same chapter. And sometimes I return to a piece of writing after months or even years and despise something I loved at the time. In other rare cases I return to a piece and find something in it I hadn’t found before that causes me to enjoy it. 

The point to all this is that, well, for one, we tend to be our biggest critics. To this day I have a fear of people actually reading my work, which probably seems strange. I have this scene in my head where I’m sitting across from someone at a small table waiting (as they’re reading) for them to look up so I can catch that first, true, honest reaction. But another point is that we are constantly evolving, and what reads well to us may not be the same as it was yesterday. In fact, it likely won’t be as long as we are growing properly. 

That can be frustrating when you spend half a year working on the same novel. Or longer. Undoubtedly you’ve experienced this. You finish a novel, return to perform your edits and proofs, and realize the start of the book was written by someone else. No, you aren’t alone. Don’t fret. You continued growing throughout the gestation of the novel. That is a good thing, an important thing. It’s also a reason to write your book without any large gaps (if you can help it). 

Like anything, the largest growth periods occur during your author adolescence. You will grow rapidly as a young writer and will see it more clearly when you look back upon your catalogue and begin comparing your works. Don’t freak out when you see how poorly written your earlier works were! It’s okay! Even the best authors had early short stories and novels they wish they had never shared. If you’re feeling this way it’s a sign of positive growth. You aren’t alone.

Finally, know that your readers aren’t reading your book the way you’re reading your book. If you are worth your salt as a writer you will criticize every last bit of minutiae in your work. That’s good! But it also does you some good to remember that while you spend twenty minutes debating active or passive voice in that passage it is already long erstwhile in the reader’s memory. 

Until next time, my friends, and happy writing!

Roman Newell

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