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Autumnal Éclat — Day 1
Autumn’s vivacity is lit through November’s duration with Roman’s poetic lines. Take delight in poetic words as the Fall season dishes up her own colourful exhibition.

Winter is upon the
The skeletal trees
stand tired,
downtrodden and erect,
every leaf loosed from
their boughs,
and I consider
what a beautiful
thing it is
that each tree
is most
in autumn,
right before
the leaves begin
to die.

the death of
every leaf,
they scream
out with

We get achingly
mournful about
death and loss,
while nature laughs at us,
like this is all a jocund epitaph
we just haven’t
figured out yet.

by: Roman Newell

Autumnal Éclat 
~ poetic lines
by: Roman Newell

Poetry from the collection

KILLS POETRY Vol. 1 — Available FREE
~ Nature’s Jest

by: Roman Newell

Kills Poetry  is an assorted collection of verse that spans three years. Carrying no blatant theme, this five volume collection services a variety of topics drawn from the author’s life experiences, and wastes no time cutting to the marrow of the human experience. As its name suggests Kills Poetry is gritty, bare, hard-biting free verse that identifies stubborn moments of joy during the best and worst of times.

Graphic Compositions
by: Darlene Carroll

Graphic work can not be accomplished without the incredible resources made available to this Author and his team. THANK YOU to the following artists for the gift of their artistry and generosity in sharing their beautiful artwork, photography, and fonts.

Background Imagery
o. DC Williams — Pixabay
o. Gill Eastwood — Pixabay
o. Anna Aspnes

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