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Let’s talk about rewrites. Rewrites are important. Why are they important? Well, because they hurt so much. What? Yep. Most of the best things for our development tend to hurt. Rewrites are one of those things. It is my personal experience and estimation that a book is not yours the moment you begin to pen it. It is not even yours when you’ve been working for 3 months or 6 or for a year. Writing a book is a process of making the book yours and then, when complete, for the shortest moment, it is yours before it is given away to the reader. Rewrites are the space and time wherein a book becomes the author’s. 

Imagine the process of writing your book to be like courting a lover. A lover must be continually wooed, romanced and better understood. Without that continual and fervent work and dedication there is no relationship. When you rewrite you are peeling back layers, learning about your work, and in the process discovering about yourself as well. Anything worth your time does not reveal itself to you all at once. Whether it’s a lover, idea, or project, revel in the long process of revelation. The process of revelation exists to teach you. Writing is, necessarily, like slowly uncovering a long-buried  and new species of dinosaur. Layer by layer it must be unearthed. Slowly the picture accretes. 

Rewrites occur for many reasons. They will always happen, but the reasons they happen are varied. Could be that your planning was lackluster, could be that you aren’t great mapping out an entire novel (that’s okay too). Most likely you are doing through drafts what your creative process is doing in your brain. You are slowly uncovering the trail that is your story, which means you’re learning where the trails meet up and where they diverge, and you’re finding your best way through the mountain passes. Sometimes this requires trial and error, sometimes you have to go to the wrong passes before you find the passable paths. That’s all okay. 

In time you will be so concentrated in your work and so closely moored to your characters that you will hear them talking to you. They’ll say something to the effect of, “Mmm…no…we’re going this way,” and you’ll learn to listen, and you’ll learn to write that story, wherever it goes, wherever it takes you. Rewrites: the process of learning to be led by your inner voice. 


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