Haunted Dimensions…

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Autumnal promise and tenebris, October is laden with all that’s spooky. Shift through cavernous dimensions to dark shadowlands and darker poetic lines.

October summons you to—

In keeping with all that’s powerful, haunting and mysterious, I bid you entrance inside Roman’s poetry collection with a short extract from: BLACKED— entangle yourself in the dark eeriness that this supernatural month inspires. 

Away from the lion
the boy drifts,
and the wraiths are nowhere to be found.

           Perhaps they are locked in the desert?
           Perhaps they are delayed by the camel?
           Can the camel be well?
           Can the camel be safe?
           Can the camel be yet alive?

            Is that the wind? Asks the boy.

It’s us.

        Boy spins.

                 Just like that it’s over.

It’s not enough
          to be good,
you have to be strong
          because you’re only a friend
until you’re the weakest
          among them.

 A small oxygen capacity
away from death,
beneath the surface.

            Just like that
            it’s over.

by: Roman Newell

There are becomings
the way there are comings,
transformations the way
there are goings.

snippet from Blacked — XXI

by: Roman Newell

Graphic Composition:
by: Darlene Carroll

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  1. incredibly daunting that the very qualities that make us worthy and valued, are viewed through a distorted and nightmarish caption that we tell ourselves, that others abuse, perpetuate, mimic and/or echo. That narrative can either stunt, stifling us or we allow a fresh emergence of becoming to act as motivational incentive to push us to recognise and own our value without the need of validation. Simply— I AM.

    —potent words both haunting and epiphanic. You conjure such bleakness, darkness of oppression and circle it to transformative power in elucidated recognition of self.

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