Haunted Dimensions…Day 2

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Deathly hallows in glades of—
Memory rests in damp catacombs within time without light. Traipse bravely through leaden swirl. Seductive notes imbued of intoxicating authority to immobilize and blood feed. Vampiric kiss where immortality and death’s most intimate pleasure merge.

October sweeps you into the euphoric enchant of…

Immerse yourself in sensualities eeriness during this supernatural, spooky month.

We are story tellers and imaginative creators and artists. Characters play a significant role in writing and visualising a book | movie | TV series. Which aspect— Written or Visual…, well.. that’s a debate for another day. For now in the comment area below:

  • Share your favorite VAMPIRE movie or TV series or book.
  • Your favorite VAMPIRE character and why?
  • Tell me 5 character traits (qualities or flaws) that your character possesses. We all have them and that’s exactly what makes characters so dynamic.

Ahhh… you’d like to read some of Roman’s poetic lines. Yes?
This particular line is sensual and deadly. Haunted dimensions woven into Roman’s poetic lines.

And there was sunlight dripping off her breast,
by: Roman Newell

Graphic Composition:
by: Darlene Carroll

Graphic work can not be accomplished without the incredible resources made available to this Author and his team.
THANK YOU to the following artists for the gift of their artistry and generosity in sharing their beautiful artwork, photography, and fonts.

Background Imagery:
o. Watercolour imagery — Creative Fabrica
o. Enrique Meseguer — Pixabay
o. Anna Aspnes
o. Open Clipart Vectors — Pixabay

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