Ghost Language…

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In time without light, lies haunted dimensions of poetic verse and prose that stretches the mantel of unfamiliar, swathed in enigmatic. Beneath this oozing membrane, much transpires between then and now— sidereal days. Days where phantoms roam restless and sorcery stirs in the eagerness of words, imbued with dark invite for the reader to embark on their own voyage.

Be swept into Halloween’s treat…and HAUNTED DIMENSIONS 
where poetic lines TRANSPORT YOUR REALITY. Enjoy reading.

by: Roman Newell

I caught her ghost
paltry, pallid, swollen
and sore
against anything and everything 
and buried somewhere between
rapping against invisible
doors hiding invisible
stores of life’s everything
her ghost was around her
beside her, talking and oozing
from her hands
separate then whole
and I saw this whole thing
how she
grabbed it and swayed effortlessly 
beneath the sky as it
grew heavier like a sack of potatoes 
the eidolon spinning and convulsing 
its way forth from her
every physicality
she fell and stood herself
up again
sometimes more than once
the ghost finally departed
for good as it
ever can be
I didn’t notice
she glowed and
was beautiful 

hands never in
her pockets 
singing a song 
beneath the bluesy 
trees and the
sack of potatoes 

by: Roman Newell

GHOST LANGUAGE (poem snippet) by:Roman Newell

snippet from the poetry collection

~ Ghost Language

by: Roman Newell

Graphic Compositions
by: Darlene Carroll

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