Duck Duck Goose…

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I was looking up at the clouds today and you know what I was thinking? Whoever came up with that silver lining crap was bullshit. The only cloud with a silver lining is the one the sun is behind. 

We all tell ourselves whatever we need to hear to keep on going. But maybe that’s okay. Who are we to take what people believe in when it gets them through? Gets them to the end.

I used to have grand aspirations. Aspirations about money, about fame and success. Now days I have less interest in all of that. Now days I spend more time thinking about old men, grandfathers and great-grandfathers, men who simply made it to the end. Because goddamn, making it to the end is a hell of an accomplishment. 

I should walk up to more men with the years under their belt and shake their hands because they deserve it. The notoriety doesn’t matter. The fame doesn’t matter. Staying alive long enough to see a deathbed—that matters. Not what you’ve got at the end. Just….. being there. 

Image by: Pexels (Pixabay)

You know what a duck says to a goose? Not a goddamn thing, cause they speak different languages. Some men know what it means to survive. Some men just know what it means to make it. But neither of them is a duck or a goose, but they’re the same damn thing. 


Roman Newell

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