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Sometimes writing is like stepping through pitch black. You rely on feeling, hands out in front, and you try doorknobs. Some of them turn, most of them don’t, and some of the doors you really expect or want to open, won’t. They might not open until later. You might have to open a different door, wander down that dark hallway, find a key in the credenza of a kitchen, and return to that door. I can’t even recount the number of times I have sat down ready to write a scene and realized the door wasn’t opening. 

The door can be many things. The door is just the vehicle to keep the story going. Example: I sat down today and prepared to write a scene where a character steps out of a cottage and meets up with two children. That door wouldn’t open. For two days it wouldn’t open. I didn’t force it. I listened to what my inspiration was trying to tell me. This morning when I sat down I opened with something entirely different: a thread and motif that I cultivated in the first book. I finally discovered the meaning of that motif. I didn’t even know the answer when I wrote about it in book one! Trust the story! The process is truly magical. The story will reveal itself to you. Trust the process. When the story urges you to open a different door, trust it! Don’t be afraid to step off the path.

Trust the Story (article)
by: Roman Newell

When I sat down to write this morning not only did I get an answer to the matter of the motif which hadn’t been solved, but the character I was looking to write went for a run which turned into its own adventure. She wound up in a dark forest and met the unlikeliest of friends which ended up providing another fascinating intersection to the development of the plot and the design of that world. The story oftentimes knows where it wants to go better than you do. 

Outlines are important. Knowing where you want to go is critical. Plot is worthy. But there is magic to this process and when the characters come alive, stop taking direction from you, and tell you where they’re going you’d be well-advised to listen.


Roman Newell

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