Creating or Destroying?

Conversation Exchange: Creating or Destroying

I welcome you to share your thoughts and views—
while the topic is broad, feel free to be specific or general with your conversation.
I look forward to your considerations.

~ Roman Newell

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  1. I think it’s easier to create! To be human is to live, breathe, walk, think thoughts. Every action you take creates a ripple in the path of history, in someone else’s sphere, whether you like it or not. Whether you intend it or not, you create. Sometimes it’s distasteful, other times inspirational, maybe you tamp down a nasty thought – but it is still of your creation. Everything you do – and don’t do – creates an effect! Therefore, you matter.

    1. Kim, I love this answer! I totally agree! To live is to experience and to experience is, by definition, to create! The very act of acting, living, experiencing the world around us is creation! Fucking powerful thought, isn’t it?

  2. Sadly, I think people better at destroying things. It takes thought and passion to create.
    There’s no thought attached to destroying something. Those who destroy about anything but themselves.

    1. Melinda, another way of looking at this discussion, right? I think a lot of people just want to destroy out of negativity, but even in the destruction there is renewal, as if life refuses to die, life will find a way to persist. So crazy.

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