Can You Save Us?

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It’s not the rank 
on your chest
it’s the way you carry 

Plenty of large men
crawl into
small holes and never
make it back out.

It’s always easier to climb up
than it is to get down
which is why the first 
part of escalate 
is the first half of escape.

Lightning frightens most 


but the flashes of light

are there to guide


In the dark
no one remembers 
anything about 

in the dark no one cares
about the dusty
trophies on your mantle.

In the dark,
can you build a fire? 

In the hole,
are you a miner?

In the storm,
are you brave? 

by: Roman Newell

Graphic Compositions:
by: Darlene Carroll

Graphic work can not be accomplished without the incredible resources made available to this Author and his team. THANK YOU to the following artists for the gift of their artistry and generosity in sharing their beautiful artwork, photography, and fonts.

Background Imagery:
o. David Mark – Pixabay

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