Archetypes Contribution To My Format…

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Archetypes Contribution To My Format…

The more honest you are the more people look at you like a bonfire. Of all the instruments used in writing, honesty seems to be the tool that draws people most regularly. It’s funny isn’t it? The way people can sense authenticity before they even comprehend what they’re sensing? There is a magnetism at work in humans, we move around, attracting, repelling, and polarizing. These consummate forces ionize us and form our compatibilities. This great thing of authenticity causes us to attract to people regardless of how we feel about them. We may feel frustration or ire toward people and still feel an attraction that seems to clown us. This is the power of the reveal.

Another fluid human dynamic at work is that of the power proportionality. When you endure you gather an internal strength, which often comes at the expense of the power of external forces. Over time we become more duck like, water and opinion rolling off our backs; we look up one day and realize we are sitting in a murky pond in the middle of a great storm, and we realize we are unmoved by either. We are focused on our duck-like quality, we are focused on our ability to deny that which sits without, and we are focused on our ability to produce more of the power which rests within. 

I am working on a book filled with satire. There is a conversation between God and a character where God says something like this, “People aren’t moved by miracles, people are moved by anguish.” And the longer I live and the longer I endure the more I come to realize that eyes aren’t opened to new beliefs and structures by the power of miracle. Faith doesn’t spring from the miracle. Faith springs from crisis. Anguish is the source of life.

If you can’t fall in love with processes in life you will never fall in love with life itself, for life is not an end-state, life is a process housing many other processes. Processes of growth in relationships, processes in personal growth, spiritual growth and processes toward our dreams. There are things you learn in jail. There are things you learn behind bars. You learn that proactivity and resignation are not mutually exclusive. You learn that chipping away at a rock slowly day after day produces more smiles than great achievement. You learn that a man can be free in prison and be imprisoned at home. To be satisfied with a process and long for that process’s great end is not cognitive dissonance; it’s both ends of the same magnet working in conjunction to affect love of life and constant growth. In short, the two powers implement the opposing ends of the same line and keep it taut. This is trajectory, power.

Ernest Hemingway said the following: 

“Try to learn to breathe deeply, really to taste food when you eat, and when you sleep, really to sleep. Try as much as possible to be wholly alive with all your might, and when you laugh, laugh like hell. And when you get angry, get good and angry. Try to be alive. You will be dead soon enough.”

~ Ernest Hemingway

To take this lesson and to not fear feeling no matter the darkness or pain it determinedly concerts with is a lifelong pursuit. As I sit here, I consider how my thinking has changed. I no longer flee from my anxiety. I no longer attempt to resolve bouts of depression. I no longer dip my sadness in substances. I invite them all in. I sit with them and speak to them like friends. They are after all the archetypes that contributed to my format. We sit with each other, sometimes with dialogue, sometimes in silence. We exchange words together, we hammer out the process. We go to work. 

Roman Newell

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